07/17/2014 14:50


My writer friends and I are always talking about our favorite TV shows.  Mostly, we complain about what the TV writers did to our favorite characters and storylines and discuss what we think they should have done instead.  I thought it would be a blast to do our daily gossiping as a "blog hop" instead.  From July 21 - August 3, join me and a bunch of my writer buddies as we present our...


"TV Do-Over" Blog Hop



Here's the schedule:

July 21--Deborah Nam-Krane

July 22--Laura Chapman

July 23--Monique McDonell

July 24-- Kerrie Olzak 

July 25--Lilian Roberts

July 26--ME!

July 27--Aaron Deckard (guest blogging here)

July 28--Courtney Giardina

July 29--Deborah Nam-Krane

July 30--Danielle-Claude Ngontang

July 31--Jami Deise

August 1--Zanna Mackenzie

August 2--Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

August 3--Me, again!


I'll post a link here everyday to the daily Blog Hop spot so you can follow us as we hop all over the blogosphere!