Character Blog Hop--Interview with Lizzie Hart

09/23/2014 08:45


Thanks to Jami Deise for tagging me for the Character Blog Hop.  Today I'm sitting down with my Lizzie Hart Mysteries heroine, Lizzie Hart, for a short interview.  She's quite spirited today!



CF:  Thanks for sitting down with me for an interview today, Lizzie.


Lizzie:  Yeah, well, my boss told me I had to.  He said it would be “great exposure” for the Liberty Chronicle to do a blog interview.


And what do you do at the Liberty Chronicle?


I’m the copy editor.


Where were you born, and where did you grow up?


In Liberty.


Are you married?




Any children?


Hell no.


Okay, moving on.  I’ve heard you have had some excitement in Liberty over the past week.


Only if you count the fact that I found a co-worker’s dead body.


Yes, about that.  How did you happen upon the scene?


I was at the county fair, working at the Chronicle’s propaganda booth with two of my co-workers, Blake and Hannah.  It was raining, and Hannah had gone to look at an exhibit.  She was electrocuted after falling into a large puddle…along with a plugged-in radio.  I don’t think it was an accident.


How horrible!  What did you do?


I alerted the police.


Can you describe the scene for me?


Not without having a panic attack.


Can you at least describe what were you thinking when you found your co-worker, Hannah?


*Sighs*  I wanted to try to help her, but Blake insisted there was nothing I could do.  He held me back to make sure I didn’t touch her or the water so I wouldn’t be electrocuted, too.  He…saved my life, I guess.


Wow.  Blake saved you.  I bet you’re grateful to him.


Yes, I am.  He’s really a fantastic guy, and a wonderful reporter.


You’re blushing a bit.  Is there more to this story?


NO!  I—um…he doesn’t know—  I mean, uh…can you cut out this part?


Is there a little office romance brewing?


That’s a little personal, don’t you think?


Fair enough.  Why don’t we go with some less serious questions to let everyone get to know you better?




What do you like to do for fun?


I like to go out with my friends, especially my best friend, Julia.


Tell me about your best friend.  How did you meet?


We met in grade school, and we’ve been best friends since high school.  We went to college together as well.  And now we both work at the Chronicle.


It must be fun to work with your best friend.  Do you get along well with all of your co-workers?




If you could live anywhere, would you move away from your hometown of Liberty?




Maybe I need to stay away from asking yes/no questions with you.  What is your idea of perfect happiness?


I’m pretty happy right now.  I like my job, I have a beautiful home that my grannie left me, and I have great friends.


What about your love life?  Would going out with Blake add to your happiness?


Lady, you’re treading on thin ice…


Alright, without naming names, describe your perfect man.


Of course he’d have to be handsome and sexy, but the most important thing to me is “the spark”.  I’m looking for romance, but the conversation has to be good too, you know?  I want someone who’s interesting and fun—and he also has to make my heart flutter every time I see him.


If you were to be stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring?


A boat.


Come on, play along.


Fine.  A boat, a pizza, and some beer.


You’re pretty straightforward, aren’t you?


So I’ve been told.


Name something people do that annoys you the most.


Prying into my business.


Name something you do that annoys people.


I’ve been told I’m not good at giving details when explaining something or telling a story.


You don’t say.


I also cuss a lot.


Back to our fun questions.  What is in your refrigerator right now?


What the hell kind of question is that?


I think we’re done here.


Not a moment too soon.