Down the Hatch!

02/21/2014 08:55

February 22nd is National Margarita Day AND World Sword Swallowers Day!


I’d say these two days are equally interesting to watch someone else celebrate, but only one would be fun to participate in celebrating.  I’ve drunk many a margarita in my day, as my college friends would attest to, but I’ve definitely never swallowed a sword.


First, let’s discuss the margarita.  Some people are purists.  Their margaritas must be the traditional lime flavor, on the rocks, with a salt rim.  Not me.  My fave is the frozen strawberry margarita with a sugar rim.  I’m no purist, and I don’t care if it’s a sissy drink—I like it.  My personal favorite of all strawberry margaritas are the ones we made every Friday night in college.  Chi-Chi’s Strawberry Margarita mix, ice, extra sugar, and then blend it up.  I recall there being some confusion as to when to add the extra sugar—before or after blending—some of us preferring a smooth drink, others preferring it gritty.  Either way, it was the perfect drink for college partying.  You never had to remember the “Beer before liquor, never sicker” rule if you were only drinking one thing, and your belly would get full long before you’d get wasted.  

Ah, good times.  On to sword swallowing!


Folks, I have absolutely no experience in or knowledge about sword swallowing.  That being said, I think it looks wicked cool.  With my gag reflex, I could never, ever, do it, so I respect those who can even more.  There’s obviously a technique to it, because how does one swallow a sword correctly every time, when most of us choke on bits of food and liquids on a daily basis?  I found some instructions, in case anyone wants to try it out. 

It works, obviously, because people do it everyday and we know from x-rays, etc. why it is physiologically possible.  But what I want to know is:  who was the first person way back in the day (around 2000 BC) that thought “I should stick a sword down my throat and see what happens”?


Well, regardless of how you celebrate, just remember:  Do NOT try to celebrate these two occasions at the same party.