It's National Get Organized Month

01/29/2014 09:16


Get crackin', slackers!  January is National Get Organized Month, and it's almost over!

This is my pantry.  Anal much?  It doesn't look like this because I'm such a neat freak--it's to keep the mice away.  Between living in the woods and having a useless waste of oxygen for a cat, mice are something that are inevitable, unless you go all Monica-Geller-on-crystal-meth on your house, which I did.  Try to get my food now, suckers!

But seriously, a little organization never hurt anyone, and there are even support groups for neat freaks professional associations of organizers that can hook you up with someone you can hire to do it for you.


Or, you can just politely enlist the help of your family members and make keeping the house clean and organized a group effort.



Sure, your house doesn't always have to look like it could be in a magazine, but a little organization can save you from being featured on an episode of Hoarders, unless, of course, that's your only way to make it in reality TV.