SPELLBOUND IN HIS ARMS, on Sale today for $0.99!

09/18/2013 12:07

My author friend Angel Sefer's wonderful and exciting romantic mystery novel, SPELLBOUND IN HIS ARMS, is on sale now through Friday for only $0.99!  Pick it up now--it will make a great weekend read!  And, if you'd like to read the first chapter, it's now on Wattpad here--sweet Angel even dedicated Chapter 1 to me!  Thanks, Angel, I am touched!

As promised, I'm also sharing where you can win a copy of SPELLBOUND...along with copies of other great novels like BETWEEN BOYFRIENDS (Sarka-Jonae), the ARIELLE IMMORTAL SERIES (Lilian Roberts), and IT'S JUST A LITTLE CRUSH (me)!


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