10 Fun & Random Facts about ME!

05/23/2013 09:46


The good folks at Free eBooks Daily helped me advertise my free weekend on Amazon a while back, and they came up with a fun way to get to know me.  I had a great time thinking of these--hope you have fun reading them!  

Check out their website:  https://www.freeebooksdaily.com/

See the original article here:  https://www.freeebooksdaily.com/2013/04/facts-Caroline-Fardig.html


10 Fun & Random Facts About Author Caroline Fardig


  1. I almost opened a bakery this year, but decided to become a writer instead.
  2. I play piano, guitar, and drums.
  3. I have a Bachelor's Degree in music, and never enjoyed English class in school.
  4. My favorite job ever was working at a funeral home.
  5. I collect antique kitchen gadgets.
  6. I love to sing, especially with my daughter.
  7. I can win almost any belching contest.
  8. I was a Homecoming Queen candidate in college.
  9. I love Disney/Nickelodeon 'tween shows, and I even watch them when my kids aren't around.
  10. I was valedictorian of my high school class.