13 Days of Halloween DAY 11--Spooky Fun

10/21/2018 13:35


It's not Halloween without a few scares!

Every year my husband and I participate in a haunted trail at our friends' house.  


There's a big party, and then we take to the woods to scare kids and adults alike.  This year's theme was zombies, and my job was to be a person trying to get away from and get rid of the zombies.  Basically I was the distraction for the trail goers while my husband snuck up on them to scare them.  I'm usually the distraction, because I'm not scary at all.



Like last year, when it was my job to try to get the kids to touch "brains" and "intestines"...

...so Pigman could scare them.  Pigman seems to be the go-to mask choice lately.  Works well for both slaughterhouse and zombie themes.


And sometimes we cross a line...

My husband was hoping not to get pulled over while driving out to the trail with these babies in the back of his truck.  I made these props at home, which I'll discuss in another post, so be sure to check back.  That year I was a doctor trying to cure an epidemic that was turning people into...whatever it is that my husband is portraying below.  I think it had to do with a flesh-eating virus or something like that.


Regardless of the theme, or whether or not we can get some kids to scream and jump (this year my husband made one kid cry), we always have a great time with our friends.  If you ever have a chance to participate in a haunted house of some kind, do it!


Happy Haunting!