13 Days of Halloween DAY 12--Savory Treats

10/20/2018 10:43


What's Halloween without treats?  



But if you're like me and you tire of sweet treats (too much sugar makes my teeth feel fuzzy!), then this is the post for you.




My go-to personal fave is the FLAYED HEAD CHEESEBALL.  It's gross.  It's delicious.  It's easy.  And your sculpting skills only have to be sub-par to pull this one off.  The recipe is laughably simplistic, and I call it the "white trash cheeseball" if I fix it any other time of year.  The ingredients are disgusting (although together are oddly wonderful), and available anywhere.



2 (8 oz.) bricks of cream cheese

2 packages of Budding Ham

2 T Worcestershire sauce

2 t onion powder

For decoration:

2 large green olives

8 sliced almonds

a few slices of ham lunchmeat (a little better quality than the Budding, so you can see the meat tissue)


Step 1:  Beat the cream cheese



Step 2:  Chop the "ham"

Step 3:  Mix all the ingredients together


Step 4:  Fashion the resulting goo into a large ball and a small cube, then refrigerate for a while.  These will be the skull top and jaw.


Step 5:  Smush the two together on a serving plate and make it look like a skull.  Use a butter knife to smooth out the imperfections.  Cut holes for eyes, nose, and mouth.  Use the excess to fill in wherever you need.


Step 6:  Insert the eyes and teeth, then rip up the ham and lay it out all over the skull.  Make sure to add a spreader to the head for that final touch of the macabre.  Serve with crackers--our personal faves are Triscuits and Chicken in a Biscuit.


Another crowd favorite (and super easy treat) is 



These are just refrigerated breadstick dough and a dash of creativity.  You use 2 breadsticks per snake, so you get 6 snakes per can.  Pinch the perforation together to create one long breadstick.  Stretch one end and twist to make a "tail."  Cut the other end with a knife to resemble the diamond-like shape of a snake's head, and coil it up like a snake ready to strike.  I used green olives for the eyes and the pimentos from inside the olives for the tongues.  Easy peasy.  Bake as directed on the can, and add a few minutes since these are all coiled up.  Serve with blood...I mean marinara sauce...for dipping.


How about a couple more non-sweet treats?


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Check back tomorrow for some more Halloween fun!