13 Days of Halloween DAY 9--My Top 10 Halloween Movies

10/23/2018 08:34


Caroline's Top 10 Must-Watch Halloween Movies


I am an admitted TV and movie junkie, so I thought it fitting to share my Halloween favorites that I make it a point to watch in October every year.


10.  Fun Size

Is it a great movie?  Eh, not exactly.  But it's very Halloweenish, so it puts you in the spirit of the season.


9.  Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!  A lot of the actors in Beetlejuice weren't super famous at the time, but nowadays it's an all-star cast.  Super spooky, and lots of fun.


8.  Sleepy Hollow

Not the TV series, the Johnny Depp movie.  I thought it was particularly cool that they turned Ichabod Crane into a forensic pathologist.


7.  Goosebumps--either the TV series or the remake with Jack Black

My family's personal Goosebumps episodes include the ones with the creepy doll, Lilly D, and "Scary Mary."  The movie was also excellent.  Haven't seen the new one yet.


6.  Any Tim Burton cartoon... 

Although I think I like The Corpse Bride the best.


5.  Practical Magic

Not a big Nicole Kidman fan, but I love this movie--especially uber-creepy Goran Visjnic.


4.  The Office Halloween episodes (Honorable mention to Castle, Hawaii 5-0, and It's Always Sunny for also killing it on the Halloween eps)

Not a movie--but when you watch them back to back to back, it kind of feels like one.  Ranked in order of my preference:  5.  "Spooked" (I hate all Robert California episodes.  Period.  He ruined Season 8 for me.)  4.  "Costume Contest" (The costumes are the best, but the side stories with Jim/Pam/Danny and Michael/Darryl are super cringey.)  3.  "Employee Transfer" (A great episode, except the Michael/Holly breakup makes me cry.)  2.  "Here Comes Treble" (I always love some good a cappella, and I really enjoyed all of Season 9.)  1.  "Halloween" (A quintessential Michael Scott episode, especially since he has 2 heads for most of the day.)


3.  Slither (Honorable mention for horror films goes to Get Out, The Babadook, and Scream)

I'm not really into horror movies.  I don't believe in ghosts, etc. so it's hard to "scare" me with stuff like that.  However, give me a home invasion (Scream) or a kidnapping (Get Out), and that'll scare the pants off me--because that kind of stuff actually happens IRL.  The Babadook had an excellent story is the reason why I included it in my favorites.  However, for good old-fashioned horror, it gets no better than Slither for me.  There's so much blood and guts, I don't know how they ever got that movie set cleaned up, or the poor actors for that matter.  The cast is stellar, with the leads all being able to carry any movie on their own, but together they are absolute magic.  My personal favorite scene is when the mayor loses his sh*t over his $&!^@# Mr. Pibb!


2.  "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

A favorite since childhood.  Enough said.



1.  Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus has become THE iconic Halloween movie, complete with a rabid cult following, and with good reason.  It came out when I was 18, and it has definitely aged much better than I have!  The story is excellent, the acting is hysterical, and it's literally dripping with Halloween everything--the set dressers and costume artists outdid themselves.  This one plays on repeat in my household on Halloween like A Christmas Story on Christmas Day.


Happy Halloween Bingewatching!