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It's Just a LIttle Crush by Caroline Fardig

July 30, 2013

It's Just a Little Crush is the first in the Lizzie Hart Mystery series, and it's a good start. The characters are well developed, the story is just complex enough to keep you guessing and keep you reading, and the romantic overtones make this a fun read. Good balance of comedy, romance and small-town dramas. The quirky crazies make it hard to guess whodunit. Easy to recognize people you know in this cast, and you like the main characters enough to want to see what they do with the next mystery that shows up. Good ensemble to get involved in more trouble and watch them squirm. Looking forward to it. I enjoyed the first in the series, and I think Caroline Fardig can only get better with time. This could be the next Tommy and Tuppence, Partners in Crime, duo with the flavor of The Thin Man series. The book is also well written and properly edited, a plus these days. I notice typos, and I didn't in this book. ***** Five Stars.


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