09/05/2017 17:49


My new forensic police procedural novel,

BITTER PAST, is out today!

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BITTER PAST is NOT a cozy, like many readers have come to expect from me.  It's much darker, and I've used what I've leared about forensics from taking three college-level classes to make the story as true-to-life as possible.  I hope you enjoy reading BITTER PAST as much as I've enjoyed writing it!



From USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fardig comes a gripping new forensic mystery series.


Three years ago, criminalist Ellie Matthews was blindsided when a grisly homicide case suddenly became personal. She abandoned the danger and stress of crime scene investigation for a professorship at a posh private college and never looked back.


Now, Ellie’s pleasant world is shattered when she finds the dead body of a female student. The campus is in chaos, reporters are circling like vultures, and Ellie is trying her best to distance herself from the situation. Not an easy task when her closest colleague becomes the prime suspect.


After the college community is rocked by another suspicious death, Ellie’s mentor, Sheriff Jayne Walsh, convinces her to consult on the case. Partnered with quick-witted Detective Nick Baxter, Ellie reluctantly bottles up her personal demons and dives back into the world she left behind, racing to make sense of the evidence before the killer strikes again.


I'm planning for the next book in the series, AN EYE FOR AN EYE, to be out mid-January 2018.