08/28/2013 12:43


If you're in college, loved college, or even remember college, this is the book for you.  My new author friend 

Deborah Nam-Krane

has written a fantastic chick-lit novel about the ups and downs of college life.


Get your copy here or here!  NOW!


I truly enjoyed every moment of this book. THE SMARTEST GIRL IN THE ROOM is a well-written tale of several college students and their academic and romantic trials on the road to graduation.  The characters and their dilemmas definitely took me back to my college years!


Emily has a less than nurturing family life, so she puts everything she has into graduating early in order to become self-sufficient.  Unfortunately, her go-it-alone pride also begins spilling into her personal life, creating conflict between Emily and her friends and boyfriends.


I loved the supporting characters in this book—Emily’s flaky best friend, the nerdy guys in the Solar Car Club, and especially Mitch, the flawed but lovable guy who you REALLY hope Emily ends up with.  I even liked the “bad guys”—they were so perfectly nasty!  THE SMARTEST GIRL IN THE ROOM is the first in the NEW PIONEERS series, and I can’t wait to read more about these characters!


And luckily, we don't have to wait too long, because THE FAMILY YOU CHOOSE is going to be released September 27th!  Come back to the blog near that date and learn even more about Deb and her new book!

About the Author

Deborah Nam-Krane was born in New York, raised in Cambridge and educated in Boston. You're forgiven for assuming she's prejudiced toward anything city or urban. She's been writing in one way or another since she was eight years old (and telling stories well before that). 

She first met some of the characters in The New Pioneers series when she was thirteen years old, but it took two decades- and a couple of other characters- to get the story just right.