IT'S JUST A LITTLE CRUSH Review by author Sarka-Jonae

05/10/2013 11:25


Here's my author friend Sarka-Jonae's review of my book, IT'S JUST A LITTLE CRUSH.  You can read my review of her book, BETWEEN BOYFRIENDS--just scroll down a few blog posts.


I thoroughly enjoyed "It's Just a Little Crush." It's funny, it's believable, and it's got just the right touch of romance balanced with a compelling story of betrayal, scandals, and small town gossip. 

The book's heroine is a copy editor for a newspaper in a small town called Liberty. Lizzie Hart is your typical small town girl, well not exactly. She's smart, she's fun, and she's totally crushing on the new star reporter, Blake Morgan; she and everyone else in Liberty. When murder comes to her town, Lizzie takes off her copy editor hat and puts aside her crush to play detective. What sets this book apart is the believable way Lizzie goes about catching a killer. She's a bit of a bumbling fool at times, like Stephanie Plum but not quite as zany. Lizzie is exactly what you expect her to be, a real person with real fears and real needs. A few crazy things happen, think car bombs and office fires, but they happen in a believable fashion that is both funny and actually furthers the plot.

In the midst of this who dun it, readers are treated to a blossoming romance between a recovering womanizer and a woman who is learning her worth. The question of will Lizzie get her man is as compelling as will Lizzie catch her killer, and the two plot lines are masterfully intertwined.