Killer Nashville 2016 photo journal

09/08/2016 11:28


As usual, my friend Karen and I had a killer time in Nashville at the Killer Nashville conference.  We probably did more sightseeing than conference-ing, but that's what a girls' weekend is all about, right?  

Here are some highlights from our trip.

Coffee and lunch at Edgehill Cafe
Driving through town with the top down
4th and Broadway
Writing Strong Female Leads panel
Lunchtime at an oddly-named but fantastic restaurant
Finally met Tom Wood in person, and hung out with the lovely Manning Wolfe
Dinner on Broadway
Dealing with Writer's Block and Other Fears panel
At Big Shotz, one of the locations in A WHOLE LATTE MURDER
No visit to Big Shotz is complete without getting yourself a "Dirty Pirate Hooker" shot, Juliet and Pete's favorite.  
Everyone looks at you funny when you order one, though.
And one last highlight--DEATH BEFORE DECAF was a finalist for Killer Nashville's Silver Falchion Award in the category of "Best Book by an Attendee!"  See the list here:
I made a lot of great new friends and am already looking forward to next year!