Midwest Writers Guild meeting

02/13/2013 12:15

Last night, I attended my first Midwest Writers Guild of Evansville meeting.  Now that I'm "officially" a writer, I thought that I finally had reason to attend.  Turns out, you don't have to be published or e-published or otherwise, you just have to love writing to be graciously welcomed as a part of the group.  I had a great time meeting other local writers, and the best part of the evening was the writing activity.  We were to choose one of the three ideas given to us, then write for about 10 minutes on that topic.  


The three ideas were:

1.  Write a third person narrative based around a fictionalized version of yourself dealing with your worst fear coming true.

2.  Take a character you have created in the past...and kill them.  Write an obituary for said character.

3.  Take 5 characters you have created in the past (or 5 people you know).  Then turn them into inanimate objects.  Explain why.


I didn't choose Number 1, frankly, because it scared the crap out of me to have to think and write about my worst fear coming true.  As for Number 2, even though I'm a mystery writer, I kind of hate to kill my characters.  Number 3 really intrigued me.  Here was my stab at it:


Five Characters from It's Just a Little Crush Turned into Inanimate Objects

1.  Bethany--a sticker bush

    Bethany's "barbs" are her main characteristic.

2.  Jesse (Lee's brother)--a trucker cap

    A good ol' boy at heart, Jesse is comfortable with himself and casually laid back.

3.  Julia--your favorite handbag

    Always with you and armed with everything you need to get through the day,

    Julia is the perfect bestie.

4.  Blake--a sports car

    He is fast, beautiful, and something your mother doesn't want you to have.

5.  Mr. Mason--a trophy for something lame

    Needing to shine in the spotlight, but with nothing to back it up, Mason doesn't

    do much more than an inanimate object, anyway.


I'm looking forward to next month's meeting, and if you're in Evansville, Indiana on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, come on out to Barnes and Noble at 6:30 PM and meet some nice writer folks!