09/30/2013 11:04
Break out your ereaders, people!  It’s launch day for THE FAMILY YOU CHOOSE by Deborah Nam-Krane!  I was one of the lucky few to receive an advance copy, and I can personally guarantee that you will be shocked, thrilled, crushed, jumping for joy, and devastated throughout the course of the book.  I told Deb that she should pitch this series to the creators of Revenge, because it’s every bit as twisted and shocking and good.  But don’t take my opinion--get it for yourself here.  Now!
Miranda Harel has been in love with her guardian Alex Sheldon since she was five years old, and Michael Abbot has despised them both for just as long. When Miranda finds out why she wants both men out of her life for good and questions everything she believed about where and who she came from. Finding out the truth will break her heart. Without family or true love, will her friends be enough? 
And if you haven’t read the first book in The New Pioneers series THE SMARTEST GIRL IN THE ROOM, get it, and read it first.  It is wonderful as well!  Buy it here.
Nineteen year old Emily wants her college diploma fast, and she's going to get it. But when the perfect night with perfect Mitch leads her to a broken heart, Emily is blind to her vulnerability. When the person she cares about the most is hurt as a result, Emily's ambition gives way to more than a little ruthlessness. She's going to use her smarts to take care of herself and protect the people she loves, and everyone else had better stay out of her way. But shouldn't the smartest girl everyone knows realize that the ones she'd cross the line for would do the same for her?
Deborah Nam-Krane has been writing in one way or another since she was eight years old (and telling stories well before that). Her series, The New Pioneer debuted in March with The Smartest Girl in the Room. The sequel The Family You Choose is available today.
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